Photography by Kirti

come dancing
through thoughtless branches
their echoes

(’12. jan 17.)

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46 thoughts on “Echoes…”

  1. Leo, you amaze me as always with your words. remember what i said about trivial? I would never have been able to visualize this photo in the way you have done :)
    your comparison of words with sunshine, the description of their echoes filling your soul… is very vivid and real somehow :) loved it as ever :)

    PS:this is a Fibonacci right?

    1. Oh. You can use the “Wanna be notified” section for the mail subscribe :-) RSS even I’m not sure actually ;) Just blog URL u put into the Reader, or onto your blogspot dashboard, Chintan. It’ll be fine I think.

  2. Sometimes…I can be cruel with my words. And those times their echoes haunt me.
    But yes…mostly it is my safe haven.

    Love poem yet again (aah fibo fibo!)

    (P.S. great photo Kirtz…don’t forget to tell it to Sushmita) :)

    1. I like to put my words out whenever I can.. At times, even I am cruel with them, Antara, but that’s part of a balance in life I feel. Mostly, it is my safe haven too. Love poem (this one?!)? I didn’t think it was, but OK :)

  3. As the soul is inviolable, the pure witness, I am not sure of shelter as I try to express my real self in words, trying not to hide behind them except in allegory, but that’s for you to fathom. Remembering that like the sword the pen has two edges: One to protect, the other to harm. Beautifully put. Love David

    1. Most of what I express comes from life’s experience itself, David, but I give my soul shelter in them because in the end, some words do relieve me of the harm other words try to do. I accept that the pen has two edges too.. one edge does protect me, and when needed, it’s quite fierce in that; and other to harm, though I do try never to harm others if I can help it. Thank you for finding my words to be beautiful :)

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